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We Create The Best Quality Software Solutions

Jadoon Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is a Technology company providing services in domain of Web Development, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

  • Professional Team
  • Best Quality Software Development Services
  • IT Consultancy / Trainings
  • 24/7 Support Help

We complete every project with extra care as customer need.

Providing 24/7 Customer Support and High Quality products are two major goals of Jadoon Technologies .

Web and Mobile Development Services 99%
Big Data Analytics & Cloud Computing 97%
AI and Machine Learning 98%
Blockchain / DApps Development 95%


Explore Our Professional Services

Big Data Analytics

We have the capacity to handle and process Large amount of data. Our Big Data team comprises of highly qualified data engineers who have the capability to build and maintain Big Data infrastructres.

Web Development

Our team of professional full stack web developers have empowered alot of businesses by developing professional website for them.We also provide services for custom API Development

BlockChain Developement

We can create decentralized applications for you based on etherium smart contracts. We also provide blockchain consultancy services.

Mobile App Development

We provide best quality mobile apps development service for both native (android and IOS ) as well as cross platform (React Native and Flutter).

Data Science / Machine Learning

Our Team of data scientist are capable of training custom and highly optimized machine learning and deep learning models.

IT Consultancy

We can provide consultancy services related to web development, mobile development, networking, blockchain and data science.


how does Jadoon Techologies (Pvt) Ltd Work

We use Agile Methodology in our processes which means we will keep you updated with all the progress as well as you can experience it during its lifecycle and give feedback.

how it's

Gather Requirements

We collect requirements by different means by studying existing systems, by interviews, focus groups , surveys and meetings with stakeholders.

how it's

Develop it

Then Software is designed and developed with the state of the art tools and techniques.

how it's

Deploy and Share

The next step is to do User Acceptance Testing and deploy the software and conduct the trainings.


what we offer


We Are Emerging Technologies Based Startup Agencies

With customers in the United States, Australia, China and Pakistan, Jadoon Technologies has a proven track record of successfully delivering high impact and complex projects.

  • Custom Model Creation
  • Data Scraping
  • Model Optimization
  • Model Deployments
  • Data Analytics

We provide Mobile & Web Dev Services

Our Professional team of engineers are capable of creating websites, web and mobile apps and much more.

  • Mobile:Android & IOS APP Development, Cross Platform: React Native and Flutter
  • Web Stacks: MEAN, MERN, DJANGO, ASP.NET Core
  • DevOps
  • Web Development Trainings

We create Decentralized Apps using Blockchain.

Era of web 3.0 just begin. We provide blockchain development services where we create fully decentralized apps based on smart contracts.

  • Smart Contracts
  • DApps Development
  • Consultancy


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frequently asked questions

What services do you provide?

We provide best quality Web development, Machine Learning, Data science and Big Data Analytics services.

What should i choose you for my next project?

Because we are team of professional software developers, data engineers and data scienctist and have worked on projects which has impacted hundred of businesses in a positive way.

Do you also provide consultancy?

Yes we do provide big data and data science consultancy services.

how can i contact you?

You can call us at +92 335 9119460.



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